Paraventure has always been known as one of the most social paragliding schools in the country. Since the start of the school in 1993 our social Somewhere in France. Again.gatherings have been legendary. For example, our Christmas parties grew in size to a stage where we had to hire a night club to accommodate the 200 or so people that turned up that night.

For the last 10 years things have calmed down somewhat but we are still pretty active. Our Facebook group is one of the largest closed paragliding groups on the internet and new members request to join every day. Together with our Paraventure Paragliding Facebook page, new pilotsĀ have access to information from some of the most experienced people in the world.

We have always encouraged our newly qualified students to still keep in contact for advice and even to join us on the hill where we can still keep an eye on them. The Paraventure instructors are always at the end of a phone call whenever they are needed, and indeed some of our ex-students are still in contact with us 20 years after qualifying.

Of course the next step after qualifying is to come on one of our alpine experience courses. Here you will be introduced to flying on a much bigger scale than in the UK and will be introduced to thermal flying for the first time. You will have amazing experiences and meet many new friends that will probably stick with you for life.

Of course you don’t have to take our word for it, simply go on to Facebook, send a request to join Team Paraventure and introduce yourself to the group. The rest as they say will be history.

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