The business is based in the Valleys region of South Wales in the United Kingdom. Paraventure Paragliding is a Satora Limited company business owned by Paul Williams. Paul’s been flying paragliders since 1989 of this then new sport, which makes him one of the original UK pilots. He has been instructing full time since 1991. He started Paraventure in 1993 and is Paraventure’s Chief Flying Instructor. This also makes Paraventure Wales longest established paragliding centre. He has personally flown hundreds of different paragliders and has seen the sport grow from its roots to what it is today.

Over the last 20 years, he has been accurately advising the correct equipment choice for the individual pilot and has learnt a vast amount of information in the process. He has been involved in the sport full time since the very beginning so finds himself in an enviable position as trusted advisors to his customers. Some of them are now on their fifth and sixth gliders and still supplied by Paul just as he did in 1993. Paul therefore believes that he can continue to build excellent relationships with new and existing customers and that his clients will think of him first when they have a paragliding ‘problem’ that needs to be solved.

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