Paul Williams CFI Paraventure - Merthyr 2012We believe that for paragliding to be taught correctly with full course content, instructed by highly qualified, totally dedicated staff and being able to constantly reinvest in equipment, the sport can’t be done ‘on the cheap’. We have carefully calculated our training prices and we know that our level of service cannot be done for less and comfortably stay in business.

Note: Beware of schools that offer free training with an equipment sale. If the tuition is free there is no incentive for that school to get you any more than barely qualified, sell you a glider and get you out as fast as possible. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT APPROACH. This may sound cynical but we’ve seen this time and time again.

If you intend to take up the sport of paragliding, the most important thing for you is the caliber of your instructors. You are going to be trusting them with your life. Quite frankly, you can’t afford to make a mistake in your choice. You are always welcome to visit us before you make any decisions and please remember in this sport, you are never comparing like with like. All BHPA schools follow the same training syllabus but that is where any similarity ends.

If you intend to change the direction of your life and take up your new challenge of paragliding, it makes a lot of sense to learn with your own equipment. You will get used to the control and performance aspects of your new glider while you are under our careful watch and supervision. Having your own equipment also gives you the chance to meet us out on the hill in the middle of the day – after work maybe. Having the flexibility to run to your own timetable can help you enormously during and after your training. Many of our students with their own gliders meet us after work for the last few hours of the day (which is also the best time to learn).

LeavingĀ us and flying on your own for the first time can be daunting enough without throwing into the equation the peculiarities of a new paraglider. Up until recently we were very much of the opinion that we needed to see a student fly for a few days before deciding on what level of wing to recommend. Not any more. The advances in paragliding technology has now arrived us to the point where all gliders suitable for a new pilot are amazingly stable combined with incredible performance. All the new pilot needs to decide, is how much money do they want to spend and what do they want from their sport.

We also find that the client definitely seems to progress faster on their own wings – the performance advantages over our training canopies is obvious and makes for longer flight times. The more airtime you get, the better you get.

We are agents for all the major manufacturers and our experience of their products is vast. Never hesitate to ask about any products you maybe interested in as we will haveĀ more details and be able to obtain the items through our extensive connections.

We also have very firm favorites when it comes to flying equipment. After all, it’s part of our job to test and choose the very finest products for our clients.

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