Student Resources

In this section you will find theory work for our students. The information will cover all subjects up to the Club Pilot (Novice Pilot) level. This material will also cover all aspects in preparation for the Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot examinations and you will find most if not all of the information required for you to be able to sit the examination papers. This information is only available for our paid up students and the subject matter will depend on which course you are currently participating in. These pages are password protected; when you book in on our Elementary Pilot or Club Pilot courses you will be supplied with your unique password to enable access.

The embedded videos will work with most browsers but unfortunately they won’t work with all. They should be fine with the iPhone, iPad and desktop Macintosh (Safari). The videos also work fine with Google Chrome so if using an android device try to use this particular browser. Chrome for desktop also works well as does Firefox. If you click on any of the images or videos they will expand to full screen.

Elementary and Club (Novice) Pilot Notes

A good start is to read the free BHPA Elementary pilot guide. You can open it as a PDF here.